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Use the Shutterfly platform and corporate gifting for an omnichannel campaign

What does your upcoming omnichannel campaign look like? If you don’t know, you should. Creating a campaign framework is step two toward...

Return employees to the office with business gifting incentives

Executives are proclaiming that it’s time to bring employees back into the office. But, switching from work-from-home to work-from-work...

Automate your marketing processes to optimize staffing

Downsizing has become more than a trend in corporate America—it’s the new standard operating procedure. Everything has to get leaner,...

The best way to measure ROI for your business gifting program

A strategy is only as good as the results it yields. In other words, without measurement, there can be no proof of success. But what’s...

Five KPIs proving that you're increasing customer retention

Any sales or customer loyalty manager will validate that keeping existing clients is preferable to chasing new ones. Lead generation...

Automating greeting cards for clients and customers

Sending personalized greeting cards is a top strategic recommendation for staying connected to your customers. You can learn all about...

How to use employee incentives to boost retention and hiring

The unemployment rate in the United States has trended downward for the last three years. Currently, it is below four percent nationally,...

How to use business gifting to improve customer loyalty

Are you looking to improve customer loyalty? You’re not alone. Just about every industry and company is out to accomplish the same...

How to build a no backend eCommerce site

We must dispel a myth before we can tell you how to build an eCommerce website with no backend. eCommerce sites are not limited to...

Personalize your company's gratitude with custom greeting cards

Showing gratitude, as well as respect and appreciation, goes a long way in cementing strong business relationships. You could call...
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