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Frequently asked questions.

Shutterfly Business Solutions is in a category of our own. We look forward to working together to solve all your communication needs.

Do you have questions about a consumer product?

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Who is SBS?

Is SBS experienced?

Shutterfly Business Solutions has served large (primarily enterprise-level) customers since 2008. Our workflows, technology, and methods are proven across many industries. Before now, we’ve kept quiet and gone without any marketing. Despite this silence, we’ve become a significant organization with hundreds of talented people.

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Where is SBS located?

Our headquarters are in Minnesota, but our production facilities and teams reach around the world in 15 countries. Our global footprint can be a crucial advantage by accelerating time to market and minimizing postal costs.

Is SBS a printer?

Yes and no. We have the largest digital print platform in the world — but that’s not who we are. Printers focus on outputs. Shutterfly Business Solutions engineers workflows behind your outputs that maximize efficiency. Printers come in at the end of a project. SBS helps you shape the entire project process.   

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Is SBS a broker?

No. Shutterfly Business Solutions expertly handles your print management and BPO outsourcing. We have the scale and capacity to handle millions of pieces annually. If needed, we will turn to our partner network to address production needs.

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What can SBS do?

Is SBS more than printed materials?

Yes. Every workflow we create entails some aspect of putting ink onto a substrate. That can be something as simple as paper or three-dimensional, like a corporate gift. Beyond print, we also create digital assets, including email, SMS, and online storefronts/portals to support the printed pieces.

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Can SBS work with data privacy regulations and mandates?

Yes. Shutterfly Business Solutions customers fall within tightly regulated healthcare, insurance, and financial industries. We use the HITRUST CSF to comply with HIPAA and other personal/sensitive data guidelines.

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What CRM, DAM, and other databases do SBS support?

All digital databases are welcome. The technology that drives our workflows is brand agnostic. We use proprietary or create additional custom-coded APIs to work with anything your MartTech or creative stack includes.

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Are SBS workflows autonomous / automated?

Yes — but only if you want them to be. Many workflows are engineered to be programmatic. That means they continually draw from customer databases to provide content with no manual inputs. However, we also create on-demand workflows that do require a credentialed user to trigger an action. Ultimately, we build a workflow that meets your unique needs.

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Doesn’t everyone personalize communications?

You can get logoed materials anywhere. Some competitors can take their level of personalization up a notch by adding a logo and unique office location. But no one can go to the personalization depths of Shutterfly Business Solutions. We empower true, 1-to-1 customization. Think logo, office location, person’s name, job title, and even a picture of their pet. Need to go deeper? We can. Our level of personalization creates the most effective lead generation, loyalty building, customer mining, and service opportunities.

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Who does SBS work with?

Can I see the SBS client list?

No — but we wish you could. Shutterfly Business Solutions' clients consider us a significant competitive advantage. They don’t want to reveal the partner behind their effective messaging. What we can say is SBS works with top brands in these industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • book publishing
  • Retail
  • Tech manufacturing
  • Communication services
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Does SBS only handle enterprise clients?

No. While enterprise-scale clients are our most common, we also create smaller-scale, closed system workflows for individual departments or opportunities as needed. That is more common for retail but can be applied to any market or industry. We constantly tailor our solutions around your unique challenges and needs.

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Business Gifting FAQs

What is business gifting?

Business gifting uses personalized items to entice, acknowledge, and reward employees and customers. Business gifts can be used for lead generation, customer loyalty programs, employee appreciation efforts, and beyond.

Why should I use SBS business gifting?

Only Shutterfly Business Solutions has access to the Shutterfly platform, featuring thousands of premium business gifts and multiple methods of integrating them into your systems. Plus, you get industry-leading personalization capabilities, rapid production, reliable shipping, and accurate reporting.

Can business gifts be personalized?

Yes. The Shutterfly platform empowers the deepest levels of personalization, including colors, text, artwork, photographs, and logos. Personalization can even be automated by integrating it with a customer relationship management platform or other databases.

How do business gift returns work?

Shutterfly Business Solutions takes care of everything for you. We use the Shutterfly platform to accommodate all fulfillment, return, and customer support needs. It’s the industry leader and customer favorite.

What if I don’t have an e-commerce platform?

You don’t need an existing e-commerce platform to offer business gifting. Shutterfly Business Solutions deploys storefronts and other strategies that empower employees or customers to use a customized Shutterfly e-commerce platform to shop for, select, customize, and order a business gift.

What if I already have an e-commerce platform?

Visualize from Shutterfly Business Solutions plugs into any existing e-commerce platform, allowing customers and employees to shop, select, personalize, and order business gift items. Visualize is the fastest and easiest way to bring Shutterfly products into your website.

Who handles the billing/payments?

Working with Shutterfly Business Solutions allows billing/payment flexibility. You can handle all billing and payment directly or have us take care of it for you.

Greetings Card FAQs

Why should businesses use greeting cards?

Employees, clients, partners, and customers often expect greeting cards around the holidays and birthdays. It’s part of building and maintaining a relationship. Going beyond the expected is even more appreciated. Sending greeting cards throughout the year creates more points of connectivity where you can share information, inquire about possibilities, and foster positive feelings. 

When should businesses send greeting cards?

The holidays and birthdays are the most common, but we suggest adding significant life events, like weddings, anniversaries, the addition of a child, sympathy cards, and more. A business can also send cards celebrating work anniversaries, sales goals, new office openings, product launches, and beyond. Shutterfly Business Solutions helps you strategize the right occasions to meet your business objectives.

How would I order business greeting cards?

There are many ways to integrate greeting cards into your communications. The exact solution will depend on what you want to accomplish, your existing IT systems and website platform, the depth of personalization, and other variables. Shutterfly Business Solutions will hear what you want to achieve and how you’d like a greeting card program to function. Then, we’ll architect a solution to match it.

Who designs the business greeting cards?

The option is always yours to use our existing designs or provide your own. Working with the Shutterfly platform gives you access to thousands of greeting card designs and messages. You can also upload custom templates and designs to provide unique cards to your clients, customers, partners, and employees.

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Our workflows streamline production and improve performance — no matter what deliverable you’re considering.

Personalized products that create results.

Personalized gifts with your branding deliver a powerful first impression to build engagement.

Show them you know them.

Send personalized messages that celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, or other achievements. 

Book publications that match your needs.

Publications with multiple binding options and one-off press runs.

Compliance with performance.

Safe, secure and reliable communications that meet regulatory standards.

A unique message for each customer.

One-to-one communications with a variety of options for formats, page counts and print runs.

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