Shutterfly Business Solutions

Insurance communications for each agent and interaction.

Insurers have a lot of messaging missions to accomplish. You’re selling coverage, promoting agents, and fulfilling transactional requirements.  SBS is the unique partner that improves it all.

The solutions insurance companies seek.

It’s almost impossible to quantify the number of insurance communications sent to customers every year. No matter your exact number, Shutterfly Business Solutions can make each one unique, accurate and compliant. 

First things first, SBS is SOC 2 and HIPPA compliant, using the HITRUST CSF. We’re proven for all PII needs. But so are lots of others. What gives SBS a distinct advantage is all the other things the Shutterfly platform can achieve for you. 

We bring hundreds of engineers, workflows, APIs and proprietary technology together to simplify and optimize your marketing and transactional communications. This improves results while lowering your costs.

Taking expert care of insurance companies.

Agent Marketing

Your brand provides the insurance coverage, but it's agents that win and keep customers. SBS supports them best with simple to use direct marketing and customer retention/acquisition programs including seasonal cards.

Coverage Promotion

SBS helps expand your customers' existing coverage portfolios. We'll deploy strategies that connect digital and physical communications to add-on coverage sales opportunities.

Transactional Communications

SBS platform and workflows ensure that functional communications like an explanation of benefits, contracts, renewals notices, annual notices of changes, and others are accurate and automated.

Customer Recognition

No one does personalization and policy holder appreciation better. SBS makes it easy for insurance agents to send the holiday, birthday, anniversary and thank-you cards or gifts that forge longterm customer loyalty. 

How insurance partners succeed.

Numbers can tell a compelling story. Our numbers build confidence in any team looking to choose Shutterfly Business Solutions for insurance marketing and transactional communications.

The insurance industry prospers with Shutterfly Business Solutions.

Let’s discuss how Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your insurance communications. It’s incredible how many resources we’ll draw upon to solve complex business challenges.