Shutterfly Business Solutions
Shutterfly Visualize: Personalized E-commerce Integration

Personalize Shutterfly products on your e‑commerce site.

Visualize integrates premium Shutterfly products to your existing e-commerce site for less money than you’d expect.

Visualize delivers:

Go inside the Visualize experience.

Visualize is an API that brings premium Shutterfly 
products to your site with full item customization. It loads fast, renders quickly, and is intuitive to use, thanks to helpful prompts and UX.

Work with any platform

Visualize is guaranteed to work perfectly on all eCommerce platforms, whether Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or something else.

Add Shutterfly products

You can easily add Shutterfly items to your existing product pages, allowing users to shop, search, and select them as another option.

Make it personal

Once users select an item within the Visualize catalog, the Visualize interface opens up, allowing them to alter text, upload images, choose colors, and make each item unique.

View in 360° perfection

Users can rotate the personalized item in any direction to ensure its satisfactory appearance from every vantage point.

Add to cart

When users are satisfied with their personalization, they can simply click "add to cart," and the item will be placed in your e-commerce system for payment.

Production and fulfillment

Once payment is made, a duplicate of the user's order and all details will be automatically sent to Shutterfly for rapid fulfillment.

Which e-commerce solution is right for you?


Is Visualize right for you?

  • Websites with an existing shopping cart
  • Up to 25 Shutterfly business gift options


Do you need features like this?

  • Websites without a shopping cart
  • More than 25 Shutterfly business gifts

See what else Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve

Anyone can deliver outputs. We perfected the process that generates the deliverables. Shutterfly Business Solutions’ workflows streamline production and improve performance, no matter the format.

Personalized products that create results.

Personalized gifts with your branding deliver a powerful first impression to build engagement.

Show them you know them.

Send personalized messages that celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, or other achievements. 

Book publications that match your needs.

Publications with multiple binding options and one-off press runs.

Compliance with performance.

Safe, secure and reliable communications that meet regulatory standards.

A unique message for each customer.

One-to-one communications with a variety of options for formats, page counts and print runs.

Get Visualize from Shutterfly Business Solutions and add personalized products to your site.

Let’s discuss how Visualize from Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your e-commerce website. It’s just one option among many for solving complex communication challenges.