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The shockingly low platform cost for personalized Shutterfly business gifts

Here’s something you may not have known: premium Shutterfly business gifts can be added to existing websites whether they have an e-commerce component or not. That’s correct; your website doesn’t require an e-commerce engine — nor would it need to add one to offer Shutterfly products. 

Surprising? Probably. But here’s the fully unexpected part. Businesses and organizations can add premium Shutterfly business gifts to their sites for a shockingly low price. We’re talking about the same high-quality items from the Shutterfly consumer site with even deeper levels of personalization. You can do it all for a cost that’s far less than expected.

How affordable is shockingly low business gifting?

Let’s start with this — cost is always relative. What seems like a significant investment for some companies could be a rounding error for others. So consider the question this way: how much would you expect to pay to add Shutterfly business gifts to our site? 

Got a number in mind? Good – we’re sure your number is much higher than in reality. 

Shutterfly Business Solutions can add business gifting to your existing website for $10k or less. Notice we didn’t say starting at $10k. Our integration cost is often around $8,500 (at the time of publishing).

How does adding Shutterfly business gifting work?

The first step is determining what your site can accommodate as it relates to business gifting commerce. In particular, Shutterfly Business Solutions determines if your site has e-commerce capability. 

A website with an e-commerce engine allows it to have a shopping cart and securely accept payments. Your site may not have an e-commerce active, BUT the platform it’s built with (Magento, for example) may offer one. Shutterfly Business Solutions will explore the details for you and provide a clear answer. 

My site has an e-commerce engine

Great. Websites that are e-commerce capable often get started with Visualize from Shutterfly Business Solutions. It’s our fastest path to business gifting with “plug-and-play” integration. 

Using Visualize, your company will access a curated catalog of Shutterfly’s best products. Customers will personalize each item through the Visualize UX, choosing colors and fonts as well as adding personal messages, names, photos, or logos. 

The best part of Visualize is that customers get to see their unique items rendered in 3D. That way, they will know it’s perfect. 

When the design is complete, the customer clicks “Add to Cart.” At that point, the item is placed into your website’s shopping cart, and you handle the billing, collect the money, and reimburse Shutterfly as needed.

My site doesn’t have an e-commerce engine

Perfect. Websites that are not e-commerce ready have the easiest path to adding and supporting Shutterfly business gifts. We call this path creating a storefront

You get to tell Shutterfly Business Solutions exactly which products you want. Then, we do all the work for you.

This solution uses APIs to deploy the products to your site. Shutterfly Business Solutions also handles the shopping cart and billing. 

Once transactions are complete, we finalize the revenue sharing by sending you payment as needed.

Unlike Visualize, creating a storefront means you have no limits on how many products you choose to offer or which Shutterfly products are available to you. It’s not as fast to deploy as Visualize, but it’s the least work for you while providing far more product options.

Which business gifting path is better? 

The best business gifting path is the one that meets your needs and long-term goals. You may start on one path with a planned migration to another. Or, you may end up using both paths (while being seamless to the user). 

As stated, we begin the process by determining if your current website supports e-commerce. But that’s not the only factor that comes into play. 

Other factors that influence your business gifting path include:

  • How many items do you want to provide?
  • Which items are must-haves in your catalog?
  • How fast do you need to launch a business gifting site?
  • What are your future goals for business gifting?
  • What degree or depth of personalization do you want?
  • Will you be integrating into a CRM or other database?

Why should I add business gifting? 

Business gifting is a solution for many business challenges. Here are some of the most prevalent challenges that can be solved or mitigated using business gifting strategies.

  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Increase add-on sales
  • Prolong customer relationships
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase opt-in or enrollment rates
  • Incentivize actions or behaviors

Those are just a sampling of the challenges that business gifting can positively impact. While business gifting can be used independently, it can also be integrated into an omnichannel solution. Working with solution architects, like those at Shutterfly Business Solutions, can help companies identify the best areas and ways to add business gifting. 

The advantage of using Shutterfly branded business gifts 

The best reason to partner with Shutterfly Business Solutions isn’t cost — it’s gaining access to Shutterfly business items. These are the same premium gifts ordered, personalized, and loved by millions of people every year. 

When it comes to gifts, Shutterfly sets the standard for quality and design. The Shutterfly catalog is extensive and deep, offering current trends, innovative items, and timeless classics. 

Shutterfly business gifting makes business gifting affordable 

Adding business gifting can generate new revenue streams, reward employees, or prolong customer relationships. It’s a powerful asset and one that’s far more affordable than most companies imagine. 

As powerful as it is, business gifting is only one solution. Shutterfly Business Solutions has thousands more that are ready to deploy. Using our expertise, scalability, nationwide presence, and massive Shutterfly platform will maximize your communications.

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