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Automate your marketing processes to optimize staffing

Downsizing has become more than a trend in corporate America—it’s the new standard operating procedure. Everything has to get leaner, tighter, and smaller—well, everything except one—expectations. 

On every level, be it company-wide, department, or team, the top directive delivered from leadership is to keep finding ways to increase performance without increasing the budget. 

It can feel like an impossible task. Frankly, it might be impossible to accomplish in some departments. Luckily, it’s not impossible for marketing teams. Shutterfly Business Solutions has proven solutions enabling you to do more, achieve more, and spend less. It’s all built upon our unique ability to automate your marketing processes. 

So read on, fellow marketers, to learn how the nearly impossible is easily achievable. 

Automating marketing with the Shutterfly platform

Omnichannel marketing has millions of moving parts. There are design templates, copy, compliance, production, fulfillment, reporting, managing, scheduling, and so on. 

There are always a million things happening at once. Everyone in the department, from management to procurement, is overworked and racing to stay only a day behind. In some cases, the challenge is due to staff reductions. Many times, the workload arises from capturing new opportunities. Most companies, probably yours, find it impossible to say no to projects that quickly generate leads or conversions. So, they force the marketing team to make it happen. 

The best way to do all of that—and more—is to use the Shutterfly platform. It’s more than a way to automate your marketing processes. It’s a way to reduce burdens and increase channels while improving results. 

The Shutterfly Business Solutions omnichannel marketing ecosystem: email, direct mail, transactional communications, and business gifting.

The power of the Shutterfly platform

You likely already know and use Shutterfly for photo books, greeting cards, and other personalized gifts. The same technology that brings millions of orders to people every year can be harnessed to manage, schedule, produce, and deploy your marketing materials. 

You set the campaign parameters and choose the materials, and Shutterfly Business Solutions does the rest. No more late nights at the office, chasing down quotes, requesting bids, tracking down details, or any of that. With the Shutterfly platform, everything your marketing campaign needs is in one portal.  Best of all, it brings full automation to your marketing processes. It will do everything you want it to do. 

Print to digital, the Shutterfly platform automates your marketing channels

If you’re uncertain that the Shutterfly platform will fit your marketing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s a broad offering that expands your options to offer programs and channels you have never used. 

We won’t say the Shutterfly platform accommodates every project and campaign. However, it will automate the majority of your marketing communications, including:

Business gifting

Supercharge lead gen, boost loyalty, increase retention, create add-on sales, and add a special touch to service efforts.

Learn more about business gifting

Direct mail

Shutterfly Business Solutions has multiple locations and more options to create automated workflows that achieve unique business needs.

Learn more about direct mail

Greeting cards

Create authentic connections throughout the year. Shutterfly Business Solutions makes sending greeting cards simple, personal, and cost-effective.

Learn more about greeting cards

Transactional communications

Scalable workflows in tightly regulated industries that minimize errors, accelerate delivery time and employ HITRUST CSF. 

Learn more about transactional communications


Maximizing revenue opportunities by resurrecting out-of-print titles or activating your back lists without incurring inventory costs.

Learn more about books

The number one choice for one-to-one marketing

The Shutterfly Platform doesn’t just create outputs; it integrates with your databases — including your CRM. It can see, trigger, and personalize content based on customer characteristics or actions. Best of all, it accomplishes all of that automatically. 

Here are just some actions that could trigger a communication:

  • Recent purchase
  • Customer anniversary
  • New SKU addition
  • Product update
  • Birthday
  • Loyalty points
  • Upgrade notification
  • Service reminder

The Shutterfly platform monitors your customer and sales databases. When a trigger event happens, the Shutterfly platform delivers the message or offers you pre-selected in the format you decided upon. It’s fully automated marketing that you build once and let run continuously. 

If the marketing program needs to be adjusted, Shutterfly Business Solutions makes it fast and simple for you to accomplish.

With the Shutterfly platform, all of your communications are hyper-focused on the individual instead of a broad buyer persona. The content is based on unique actions, needs, history, and predicted engagements. It provides customers with detailed information at the right moment of opportunity. You could consider it the chauffeur for your customer’s journey, taking them from one personalized point of contact to the next.

Maximizing ROI: the path to savings and business growth

At some point, every manager or leader asks the same question: What’s the ROI? 

Business success is achieved by the effectiveness of each dollar invested. That is especially relevant in publicly held corporations that must provide and prove shareholder value. Often, business accounting can become a cold calculus that only values profit. Using automation delivered by the Shutterfly platform adds heat to your numbers. It proves its worth — and more — in many ways. 

Here are some suggested metrics to use when determining the ROI of the Shutterfly platform:

  • Staff hours saved
  • Average customer lifespan
  • Average customer spend
  • Add-on sales
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Frequency of customer interactions
  • Project completion times
  • Number of goals impacted

Automate your marketing programs while optimizing staff resources with Shutterfly Business Solutions

Automating your marketing processes optimizes your team’s time, departmental budgets, and overall business outcomes. This powerful strategy is achievable like never before with the Shutterfly platform. It delivers unique capabilities that set it apart from competitors. Tested and trusted by millions of users, the platform consistently delivers proven results.

Of course, Shutterfly Business Solutions has thousands of additional insights, strategies, and solutions ready to deploy. Our expertise, scalability, and nationwide presence maximize your communications and achieve business goals, like automating marketing programs. 

Let’s discuss how Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your omnichannel communications in business gifting, direct mail, transactional mail, greeting cards, and books

Capitalize on Shutterfly Business Solution resources and workflows to solve your communication challenges.

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