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Give a corporate gift that delivers results.

Corporate gifts are proven to increase the effectiveness of your messages. Use them to supercharge lead gen, boost loyalty, improve cross-selling and add a special touch to service efforts.

Choose a hassle-free reward solution.

Customers and employees alike appreciate corporate gifts but coordinating them can be a heavy lift. Questions around how to source, fulfill and warehousing can often cause corporate gifting ideas to be dropped. What companies need is a gifting solution that is as simple as Shutterfly – but created entirely for businesses.

Shutterfly Business Solutions corporate gifting delivers:

A proven platform now specializing in corporate gifting and personalization.

Numbers can tell a compelling story. Our numbers build confidence in any team looking to choose Shutterfly Business Solutions for corporate gifting.

SBS is valuable asset for marketing incentive programs.

Every client and workflow is unique. However, there are highly sought-after attributes that create successful partnerships. At Shutterfly Business Solutions, we bring forward an uncommon mix of value propositions that make us unique — and essential — to many customers.


Exclusive Shutterfly workflows powered by in-house tools, plug-ins, APIs, and portals developed by Shutterfly Business Solutions engineers.


The deepest layers of customized communications available for all production formats.


Regardless of the size of your corporate gifting program, the Shutterfly platform maintains personalization and quality at the highest level.


A trusted partner of global brands and consumers, with more than two decades of meeting the highest expectations.

We're more than corporate gifting.
See what else SBS can improve for you.

Anyone can deliver outputs. We perfected the process that generates the deliverables. Shutterfly Business Solutions’ workflows streamline production and improve performance, no matter the format.

A unique message for each customer.

One-to-one communications with a variety of options for formats, page counts and print runs.

Compliance with performance.

Safe, secure and reliable communications that meet regulatory standards.

Book publications that match your needs.

Publications with multiple binding options and one-off press runs.

Optimize corporate gifting with Shutterfly Business Solutions.

Let’s discuss how Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your communications. It’s incredible how many resources we’ll draw upon to solve complex challenges.