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The shockingly low platform cost for personalized Shutterfly business gifts

Here’s something you may not have known: premium Shutterfly business gifts can be added to existing websites whether they have an e-commerce...

How UX impacts cart abandonment

Retailers are very good at predicting trends. Which colors will be hot, what shapes are intriguing, and what brands are the must-haves?...

Use business gifting to create add-on sales

When the bottom line needs a lift, companies often try offering new products. The idea is simple enough to understand.  The more...

Planning end-of-year customer loyalty gifting for small to enterprise businesses

The holiday season is a time to show your organization’s appreciation for others. It’s when businesses and organizations turn to greeting...

Five hidden gems every customer loyalty program needs

People love customer loyalty gifts — they’re a welcome perk on top of a stellar product or service. But some gifts stand out while...

Use greeting cards to create a meaningful early impression

First impressions only come once. It is a powerful moment that likely shapes what will happen next in a burgeoning relationship. But...

Using USPS promotions to lower your postage costs

Direct mail is a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing tactic. Of course, every dollar you can save improves its ROI. The first...

Updated security standards for transactional mail

Transactional mail and security go hand in hand. The contents of a mailing must always be protected. Even a small data breach can diminish...

Turning anonymous web visitors into known mail addresses

Privacy is important, and Shutterfly Business Solutions supports steps taken by the United States government, private industries, and...

Innovative ways to improve direct mail response rates

Direct mail is effective for building awareness and brand recognition, but its superpower is generating a response.Few mediums trigger...
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