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Five hidden gems every customer loyalty program needs

People love customer loyalty gifts — they’re a welcome perk on top of a stellar product or service. But some gifts stand out while others feel overly familiar. 

As an example, everyone uses coffee mugs. That’s why they’re a must-have for loyalty programs. But Shutterfly has loads of gift ideas that are just as useful, valuable, and appreciated. So today, we want to share unexpected gift ideas that bring surprise and delight to the recipients.

How did we create this list? We culled our databases to identify five hidden gems. Best of all, five of these customer loyalty gift ideas cost about $15 per item or less.

Make customer loyalty gifts hyper-personal

A gift is always appreciated. But a personalized gift is something extra special. Recipients truly own a gift once they add their name, choose colors, or place photos on it. That’s special, and that’s something Shutterfly Business Solutions does better than anyone

While other platforms allow you to add a brand, Shutterfly Business Solutions allows branding and personalization. That means adding photos, artwork, and messages, changing colors, and choosing a template. Each item can be one of a kind. That depth of personalization is unique to Shutterfly Business Solutions. 

Not only does the recipient have loads of options, but you do, too. 

We create workflows and automation that bring layers of behind-the-scenes tailoring to your customer loyalty program. We have a range of solutions and can tie into your customer resource management (CRM) and other databases to extract information, curate gift options, and tailor all messaging before, along with, and after the gift has been delivered. That empowers your organization to speak to specific demographic needs, key motivations, and their current positions on the customer journey. Shutterfly Business Solutions can even delve into small but significantly important details such as preferred pronouns. 

It’s all of these added personalization touches that make a customer loyalty program shine.

List price may not be your price for customer loyalty gifts

Before we jump into the five hidden gems every customer loyalty program needs, we want to discuss shopping and pricing.

Customer Loyalty Gift Shopping

Shutterfly is a great resource for customer loyalty gifts

Customer Loyalty Gift Pricing

When it comes to your customer loyalty program, you’ll be working with Shutterfly Business Solutions. We have the same platform, reliability, and quality — but with higher touch service and bulk order discounts, including lowering the per unit price, production price, and possibly shipping price.

Five nifty gifts around $15 

1: A key gift for customer loyalty 

Our first go-to unique gift for customer loyalty programs is keychains. 

Often overlooked, we’ve found people always need another keychain. It makes sense when you think of all the keys in our life (front door, cars, bikes, scooter, boat, gym locker, cabin, storage padlocks, etcetera).

The Shutterfly catalog has lots of keychain styles. The options include metal and plastic versions in various shapes and designs. Of course, each keychain can be customized with logos, photos, or text. 

Branded Necklace

2: Give the gift of sparkle

You may not think of this item or even expect it, but jewelry is always a hit with customer loyalty gifting programs. 

Shutterfly has a beautiful selection of stylish charms, on-point bracelets, trendy lockets, and hip bar necklaces. 

These can include a company name, motto, or logo, but the best option is often allowing the recipient to personalize it with their name or initials. 

Branded Mousepad

3. Everyone has a mouse problem

The mouse pad is back — and in a big, big way. Even with trackpads and touchscreens, people who work from home use a mouse to operate their laptop/desktop computer. What’s more, they’re using the classic mouse pad to do it. 

We know modern mice have optical technology and don’t require a pad like the old roller ball mice. But that doesn’t seem to matter; people prefer mousing with a mouse pad. Besides, it adds a touch of decor to the work surface.

Like all Shutterfly options, the mouse pads come in many design options with loads of opportunities for personalization.

4. Wheels up with luggage tags

Air travel and other forms of vacation getaways are booming — and few things are handier than a nice luggage tag. 

A personalized luggage tag can be a day-maker in a world of look-alike roller bags. More than stylish, luggage tags help people spot their bags at the carousel. It also prevents others from grabbing your suitcase by mistake. 

More stylish than string, more lasting than vinyl tape, and classier than buying an oddball-colored suitcase, a personalized luggage tag is the loyalty gift your customers will appreciate each time they take a trip. 

5. They’ll tote your brand everywhere

Pop quiz? What lives at the intersection of popularity and functionality? Right now, it’s the canvas tote bag. Durable, practical, and undeniably in style. 

People love having canvas totes for all sorts of things. Especially now that many grocery stores are charging bag fees. 

Hip to use for everyone, personalized tote bags are a must-have value in your customer loyalty programs. 

BLOG BONUS: Two more hidden customer loyalty gift ideas 

You made it this far, and we appreciate it. To reward your effort, we’re giving you two additional products that are always popular with customers. 

The first item is personalized notebooks. People gravitate toward the convenient, 5×7 inch size with 150 pages. They’re useful for work, messages, ideation, grocery lists, journaling, and more. It’s a handy item with lots of applications. 

The second product for your customer loyalty gifting program is the classic neoprene can cooler. It turns out people still love keeping their favorite beverages cold. 

Improve your customer loyalty gifting catalog with Shutterfly Business Solutions

The better your customer loyalty program gifts, the more appreciated and valued people feel. It’s worth a touch of extra thought and effort to make your selection stand out and make a positive impression. 

As powerful as it is, customer loyalty gifts are just one solution. Shutterfly Business Solutions has thousands more that are ready to deploy. Using our expertise, scalability, nationwide presence, and massive Shutterfly platform will maximize your communications.

Let’s discuss how Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your omnichannel communications in business gifting, direct mail, transactional mail, greeting cards, and books

Capitalize on Shutterfly Business Solution resources and workflows to solve your communication challenges.

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