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Use the Shutterfly platform and corporate gifting for an omnichannel campaign

What does your upcoming omnichannel campaign look like? If you don’t know, you should. Creating a campaign framework is step two toward achieving conversions. What’s step one? Easy, define your conversion. In other words, what will all this effort accomplish for your organization? Once you determine the goal, the real work can begin, and results can be achieved. 

Shutterfly Business Solutions will help you create a campaign framework. Then, we’ll show you how to turn the strategy into a deployable, repeatable, and measurable campaign that can be adjusted, started, and paused as needed to optimize performance.

Important questions for creating an omnichannel communications framework 

You know the why. Ideally, you also know the who (your audience). Now, we get down to the actual strategy. What touchpoints will resonate with the audience, be compelling to create conversion, and do so in a manner that aligns with your goals? 

It all comes down to shaping the customer journey and moving each person through it at the correct speed to ensure they arrive at the final conversion. 

Start by answering these questions when it is time to strategize a marketing campaign framework. 

  • What touchpoints do you usually include?
  • Which touchpoints are digital, broadcast, and physical?
  • What touchpoints do you need to consider?
  • What level of 1-to-1 marketing are you achieving?
  • What is the anticipated budget and ROI?
  • What’s the value in creating a programmatic campaign?
  • What’s the duration of the sale or the length of the customer journey?
  • What is the audience expectation for communication type and frequency?
  • What happens if the conversion happens sooner than anticipated?

Whether you realize it or not, most marketing efforts are omnichannel. They frequently include digital ads, emails, video, radio, and direct mail. 

While each element may not be a direct part of a single project, all of an organization’s touchpoints are seen as a single message by the audience. That’s why internal awareness of channels is critical. 

You should know what’s out there and work with it, not against it. Plus, when building a marketing campaign from scratch, never strategize it as a single channel. For example, don’t label a project as an email campaign. Identify it by the intention, for example, a re-enrollment campaign. That subtle shift in labeling shows you’re aware that conversion rarely, if ever, comes down to one single channel or touchpoint. 

Filling in missing touchpoints with strategic business gifting 

Among the framework questions you need to answer are “What touchpoints do you normally include?” and “What touchpoints are you failing to consider?” 

Let’s discuss why those two questions make a huge performance difference. 

The easiest thing to do is repeat what was already in place. If your organization has relied on email and direct mail, you’ll likely start there. And, predictably, you’ll get similar results. For those satisfied with good enough, that strategy works. However, the approach fails for organizations needing to deliver better year-over-year performance. 

Doing the same thing won’t suddenly work better. The way to improve is to evolve your tactics and touchpoints. One of the most effective—and overlooked—tactics is the addition of corporate gifting. It elevates performance and makes an impact on audiences like no other. 

But what exactly is corporate gifting? It’s not just about giving everyone a teddy bear. When done right, corporate gifting can be a powerful tool in your omnichannel campaign. It’s about providing a gift that resonates with each individual, moving them closer to a conversion. And with Shutterfly Business Solutions, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of gifts to suit every recipient. 

With the right partner, say a company with the scale and selection of Shutterfly Business Solutions, you can provide almost anything. 

How to make corporate gifting personal

The ability to provide almost anything is great. Having the opportunity to deliver a unique gift personalized to each person on your list is incredible. Say you have one hundred thousand names on your customer list. Now imagine the power of sending each person a fully personalized corporate gift that matches any traits, behaviors, interests, or purchases documented in a CRM or other database. That’s powerful. 

Say your CRM isn’t robust enough to accommodate every business gift recipient’s preferences. No problem. You can allow audience members to choose their perfect item and personalize it to their unique preferences. 

A simple way to manage corporate gifting and beyond

Suppose your omnichannel marketing campaign includes corporate gifting and multiple direct mail pieces — perhaps even a greeting card. How are you going to manage it all? It could feel like a million details and variables that are impossible to manage. The depth and extensibility of the corporate gifting program alone might scare some marketers away.

Here’s how you do it: with a single integrated solution like the Shutterfly platform

Managing a complex marketing campaign with multiple touchpoints and corporate gifting can be daunting. But with Shutterfly Business Solutions, it’s not.

 The Shutterfly platform unifies your design templates, content, and gifting selections into a single, easy-to-manage process. It’s among the industry’s most used and proven platforms. The Shutterfly platform also integrates with your CRM, audience lists, and other databases to create unmatched levels of personalization and automated triggers.  

The same Shutterfly platform that drives billions of personalized consumer products is the one supporting your much smaller and, honestly, more straightforward marketing campaign. You may never have realized that a single partner like Shutterfly Business Solutions could meet such a breadth of marketing needs. 

The Shutterfly platform supports strategic business gifting and more by:

  • Serving as a deployment platform for business
  • Providing automated mailing solutions
  • Managing omnichannel communication
  • Being a corporate gifting platform
  • Being extensible/scalable/programmatic

Add a corporate gifting platform to your omnichannel campaign

The next step is up to you. Do you settle for repeating the old strategies or choose to unlock greater conversions by adopting corporate gifting into your omnichannel mix? The rationale is sound and performance-proven. Using the Shutterfly platform, you can improve conversions and simplify campaign management.  

Of course, corporate gifting is only one offering from Shutterfly Business Solutions. They have thousands of additional insights, strategies, and solutions ready to deploy to improve your performance and workflows. Our expertise, scalability, and nationwide presence maximize your communications and achieve business goals, like automating marketing programs. 

Let’s discuss how Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your omnichannel communications in business gifting, direct mail, transactional mail, greeting cards, and books

Capitalize on Shutterfly Business Solutions resources and workflows to solve your communication challenges. 

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