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Expand your rewards and incentives program with Shutterfly personalized products

People love personalized products. Shutterfly Visualize from Shutterfly Business Solutions brings that desire for customization to your reward and loyalty programs. It’s an easy-to-add upgrade that creates valued items and deepens relationships with your users.

Visualize is a two-part solution. First, it provides high-quality Shutterfly products. Second, it creates one-to-one customization for those products using a best-in-class tool.

Traditional personalization tools only show flat product representations. Users can’t see how text flows or an image wraps. That presents issues for round items like a coffee mug or water bottle. Visualize from Shutterfly Business Solutions solves that challenge. It provides an interactive personalization experience with photo-realistic renderings. Some products are even modeled in 3D, allowing users to view the item from any perspective.

Shutterfly Visualize makes customized products simple

Online product customization with Visualize offers lots of design opportunities. Users can choose colors, fonts, messages, images, and artwork. They can even upload photographs or files from their computers.

Using Visualize is also a lot of fun. It deepens the user experience by adding a sense of “play” to the process. That’s right; shoppers can play around with design ideas and iterations to find the perfect look.

Keep users on your site — not ours

Visualize isn’t a separate platform or website. It’s a tool that integrates with your existing site. That’s unique. Other customization tools take users away from your site and into their environment. With Visualize, they start on your site and complete the order on your site. 

Another benefit is that Visualize can be a white-labeled experience. That means users perceive the whole experience as coming from your company.

Simple to integrate and use

Adding Visualize may seem like a complex integration, but it’s easy to achieve. Its custom API integrates with any commerce platform.

Once it’s been deployed, the Visualize workflow is streamlined and secure. 

  1. The user chooses a Shutterfly product from your site
  2. Visualize empowers users to personalize and proof the product
  3. The user approves the personalized product
  4. Shutterfly Business Solutions receives the order and handles the fulfillment

Importantly, Visualize feeds pertinent data back to your databases. You get everything that’s needed to provide updates to your customers.

Adding Visualize provides users with the products they want. Plus, you’re reducing the operational bottom line by removing expensive tasks. 

Reward and point redemption with a popular brand

The Visualize catalog includes select Shutterfly products, with more items added all of the time. It has current trends, new products, and all-time favorites. Our Shutterfly Business Solutions team is also open to special product requests. 

You can add some or all of the Visualize products into your digital commerce platform. Or, make seasonal selections that align with your marketing or branding goals. Shutterfly Business Solutions has made curating products simple. 

The personalized products solution you’ll deploy in weeks 

Integrating Visualize into your site can happen fast. The tool and all of the APIs are ready to roll. We can even develop unique APIs when asked. 

From the moment you say go, Shutterfly Business Solutions starts working with your IT team. You’ll see we’re built to move briskly. Speed is native to everything we do, from rapid deployments into your tech stack to quick order fulfillment.

The most time-consuming aspect of integration is often on the client side. Tasks such as selecting items, creating web copy, and developing pages are where slowdowns can occur. Luckily, Visualize can deploy at your speed. You can add a product one at a time, or wait to deploy all products at once.  

Improve your marketing touch points with Visualize and Shutterfly Business Solutions

Visualize presents a powerful opportunity for your brand. It creates a marketable edge that builds customer loyalty and strengthens relationships. 

Powerful as it is, Visualize is just one solution. Shutterfly Business Solutions has thousands of strategies that are ready to share. Using our expertise, scalability, national presence, and massive Shutterfly platform will maximize your communications. Let’s discuss how Shutterfly Business Solutions can improve your omnichannel communications in business gifting, direct mail, transactional mail, greeting cards, and books

Capitalize on Shutterfly Business Solution resources and workflows to solve your communication challenges.

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